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Claude Honoré Desiré Dornier Claude Honoré Desiré Dornier was born in the South German town of Kempten on 14 May 1884. In the 1920s he designed and built a …

Mit einer breit gefächerten Flotte von Business Jets und Helikoptern ist DC Aviation einer der größten Anbieter von Geschäftsflügen im In- und Ausland. Innerhalb ...

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Traffic getting to the airport was miserable, the security checkpoint line was out the door, and stress levels were high. But when traveling during the holidays, what’s the alternative?
Now that we’ve kicked off summer with the busy Memorial Day holiday, here are the five days to avoid flying on and to stay off the roads for the remainder of 2018.
June 29
The 4th of July comes on a Wednesday this year …

In a world where contactless payment seemed like something out of a Jules Verne story until Apple Pay and Google Pay came along, banks are now on the edge of what could be a major revolution in how we interact with them, at least at the branch level.
The change: automated teller machines that don’t require an ATM card for such tasks as deposits, checking balances, transfers, and cash withdrawals. This …

The band that stayed for dinner. “The Band’s Visit” swept the Tony Awards this week. Only problem is they are still stuck in Beit Hatikva and the show may be renamed “Groundhog Day: Israel” instead.
Nyuk. Nyuk. Nyuk. John F. Kennedy International Airport debuted its new Emergency Operations Center, which came about after multiple crises occurred during a winter storm. The new directors – Larry, Curly, and Moe – spoke at …

The British Aerospace 125 is a twinjet mid-size business jet . Originally developed by de Havilland and initially designated as the DH125 Jet Dragon , it entered production as the Hawker Siddeley HS.125 , which was the designation used until 1977. Later on, more recent variants of the type were marketed as the Hawker 800 .

The type proved quite popular overseas; more than 60% of the total sales for the aircraft were to North American customers. [5] It was also used by the Royal Air Force as a navigation trainer, as the Hawker Siddeley Dominie T1 , and was operated by the United States Air Force as a calibration aircraft, under the designation C-29 .

On 13 August 1962, the first of two prototypes conducted its first flight, a second aircraft followed it on 12 December that year. [7] The second prototype was more aerodynamically-representative of a production aircraft, and was fitted out with more equipment than the first prototype; the subsequent production-standard aircraft incorporated several changes and improvements from the prototypes, such as a longer fuselage and a greater wingspan. [8] The first production-standard aircraft performed its first flight on 12 February 1963. The first delivery to a customer took place on 10 September 1964. [9] [10]

Entertain clients and colleagues in an informal setting. What better way to cultivate that business relationship than a relaxing time out on the lake. It provides a perfect setting for conducting the more subtle aspects of your business.

Get ready for some jet lag. A new route connecting Chicago and Auckland, New Zealand, is set to become the longest flight operated out of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Starting Nov. 30, Air New Zealand will fly Boeing 787 Dreamliners between Chicago and Auckland three times a week, United Airlines said in a news release Tuesday. Air New Zealand is one of Chicago-based United’s Star Alliance partners. The two airlines will “code share” on about 100 flights to Auckland connecting through Chicago, United said.

The 8,184-mile Chicago-Auckland flights will take about 15 to 16 hours, depending on whether passengers are flying northbound or southbound, and will top United’s second-longest route out of O’Hare, which lands in Hong Kong, by nearly 400 miles, United spokesman Jonathan Guerin said in an email.