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We provide a wide range of air conditioning solutions for residential , commercial and industrial purposes. They are suitable for areas such as offices, homes, warehouses, schools, hospitals, airports, and hotels. All the air conditioner types have fixed speed and inverter options to suit your energy efficiency needs.

All our air conditioners are powered by world-famous compressors such as Hitachi, Toshiba, Panasonic; and made by top well-known Chinese manufacturers. Our products have been granted full CB and NRCS certificates.

Jet-Air is now proudly the sole air conditioner distributor of Haier: the top 1 appliances brand worldwide.
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We deliver freight and Customs Clearance solutions for both consumer and business customers
in the USA, Norway, Sweden, & Denmark.

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An airbreathing jet engine (or ducted jet engine ) is a jet engine propelled by a jet of hot exhaust gases formed from air that is forced into the engine by several stages of centrifugal , axial or ram compression , which is then heated and expanded through a nozzle . They are typically gas turbine engines . The majority of the mass flow through an airbreathing jet engine is provided by air taken from outside of the engine and heated internally, using energy stored in the form of fuel.

Jet engines were designed to power aircraft , but have been used to power jet cars and jet boats for speed record attempts, and even for commercial uses such as by railroads for clearing snow and ice from switches in railyards (mounted in special rail cars), and by race tracks for drying off track surfaces after rain (mounted in special trucks with the jet exhaust blowing onto the track surface).

Airbreathing jet engines are nearly always internal combustion engines that obtain propulsion from the combustion of fuel inside the engine. Oxygen present in the atmosphere is used to oxidise a fuel source, typically a hydrocarbon-based jet fuel . [2] The burning mixture expands greatly in volume, driving heated air through a propelling nozzle .

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